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Equine Appraisal


In conducting business involving equine athletes and companions, there's no substitute for a formal, thorough, impartial and credible equine appraisal of value.


Teetor & McGovern will craft an equine appraisal tailored to your specific needs via an on-site visit, video assessment or analysis of historical documents (e.g., vet reports, breed registration, trainer interviews). We are also available to review opposing valuations and equine appraisals.


Equine appraisals are available to horse owners, dealers, attorneys, accountants, banks and insurance agents for:


  • Pre-purchase and sales/leases

  • Insurance policies and claims

  • Financing

  • Donations and charitable contributions

  • Litigation

  • Trust/estate planning and settlement

  • Bankruptcy

  • Collateral value

  • Tax planning and audit


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