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Equine Case Assessment


Quality case assessment is the smart and responsible first step towards an effective and financially satisfying resolution in most every equine-related dispute.


Teetor & McGovern's comprehensive equine case assessment method is the result of extensive experience navigating equine business matters from both sides of the table. It starts with a first-hand "deep dive" of the situation and the people involved, provides a proprietary written analysis and recommendation, and offers "live" review/discussion and follow up as needed.


However you ultimately choose to resolve your dispute, a Teetor & McGovern equine case assessment will ensure you have the needed facts, perspective, briefing and expert support at your fingertips to make your case in areas including:


  • Horse-related accident reconstruction and analysis

  • Assessing accident accountability and degree of negligence

  • Safety standards and accident prevention: stable, horse, equipment

  • All levels of riding, teaching, training and competing

  • Rental and boarding stable operations

  • Fair and reasonable standards for leasing, buying and selling

  • Equine behavior

  • Custody and control


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