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Equine Expert Witness


Whether you speak on behalf of the plaintiff or defense, a credible and articulate equine expert witness can make the difference in winning or losing a case.


With 40+ years across the equine industry, Reinhard Teetor is one of the most broadly experienced and well-rounded equine expert witnesses in the business. He has been a candid and vocal advocate of fair and reasonable equine business practice throughout his career and remains committed to weighing industry standards and best practices vs. the inherent risk of horse-related activities in every situation.


Reinhard's expert witness portfolio includes:

  • Horse-related accident reconstruction and analysis

  • Assessing accident accountability and degree of negligence

  • Safety standards and accident prevention: stable, horse, equipment

  • All levels of riding, teaching, training and competing

  • Rental and boarding stable operations

  • Fair and reasonable standards for leasing, buying and selling

  • Equine behavior

  • Custody and control


Equine expert witness services are available for consultation, depositions and trial testimony, and can be provided in writing, via phone/video or live in court, as the situation requires.


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