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Integrated Communication


Integrated communication is the intentional use of coordinated marketing and promotional tools for maximum message clarity, consistency and impact. Effectively integrating your communication efforts makes every hour and dollar you invest in promoting your equine business work harder.


Whether you are answering the phone, launching a new product, posting from a horse show on Facebook, running a print ad, developing your website or hanging a sign on the farm gate, you're communicating with current and potential clients. Ensuring that all of these efforts "ladder up" to a bigger communication strategy is the best way to firmly plant your unique equine brand identity in the minds and hearts of consumers.


Teetor & McGovern is expert at crafting relevant and memorable integrated communication programs for equine businesses of all sizes and marketing budgets, utilizing traditional and non-traditional media:


  • TV, Print, Radio

  • Web Site Development

  • Social Media

  • Digital/Mobile

  • In Store

  • PR/Promotion

  • Partnerships

  • Events and Sponsorships

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